Garden Coaching and Consulting

From time to time I've been asked to consult with gardeners, and this page on consulting is in response to that. contains a wealth of free information to assist people to begin gardening, and in tackling design, plant, soil and other crucial gardening issues.

Could you use some one-on-one garden advice or coaching? Thinking about creating your garden, re-working a bed or revitalizing your landscape? Have you decided to garden in harmony?

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Even though you might have read through my website or studied books on gardening and garden design, you may still have questions on how to start, what to do and buy and in what order? Sometimes it’s helpful to call in someone with local gardening experience as a sounding board for your plans, plants, suggestions you never thought about—that second opinion to help you make informed choices.

Gardening is expensive, and the fewer mistakes one makes in the planning stages may make the difference between a pleasing, low maintenance, low water-use, ecologically friendly landscape and one that is merely lower maintenance or lower water-use.Xeriscape Late Summer.JPG

Putting together the seven basic principles of gardening to create a beautifully thriving garden is difficult in our climate and conditions, and requires some study and work to create not only beauty, but a low maintenance, low water-use and ecologically friendly home refuge. When plants are suited to their climate and soil conditions and placed in the right location within your landscape, creating a garden in harmony with nature that does not need chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides is often the result.

Gardening Questions

It has been my policy to answer, or at least, attempt to answer your gardening questions. I will continue to do so as my free public service. Send your questions to It is helpful in answering your inquiry if I know where you garden, as people from around the globe write in.


I now offer a garden coaching and/or consulting service. My range of services are:

  • Consulting on garden design for your landscape. Whether it is just a single bed or the entire front and backyard, consultation services are available. This is for “do it yourself gardeners” as well as those considering hiring professionals to install your garden.
  • Recommendations for appropriate plants for your design/style. I’ve spent years studying plants that work well in our landscape. I can also make recommendations of plants for theme gardens.
  • Garden Coaching. It’s helpful to work with a personal coach to increase and hone your gardening skills. Whether it’s just learning the basics of maintenance for your particular landscape, improving your techniques, soil amending for different types of gardens or understanding the philosophy of gardening in harmony, I can set up a program for your improvement or your garden’s improvement. Understanding how the seven principles of gardening work together leads one to acquire mastery of the art and science of gardening.
  • Plant shopping. Overwhelmed with the task of choosing plants for your landscape and don’t know where to find them? I’ve spent years combing not only the Texas Panhandle, but many regions of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Oklahoma to find just the right plants suited to our climate and conditions. Many plants are available in the Texas Panhandle, but if you desire more, I can probably help you find the right plant. My services could be short term, with just a visit with you to a local nursery providing guidance on your plant purchases, or even an out of town excursion.

Coaching and Consulting Rates

A standard hourly rate of $60 for coaching, design, and consulting services and/or site visit within the Amarillo area with a minimum of one hour.

Contact Me

at to discuss the possibilities. Please include your phone number for quicker response.

My recommendations and advice will be based on organic, ecologically friendly practices* and the seven basic principles of gardening emphasizing water conservation using plants appropriate to our climate and soil conditions with the goal of lower maintenance in mind. Water conservation can be achieved whether one’s garden bed is filled with low, medium or high water-use plants.

*Only in rare occasions will chemicals be recommended (short term, as needed basis).

Angie Hanna, Plain Old Gardener