Penstemon x mexicali 'Red Rocks'

Latin Name: Penstemon x mexicali 'Red Rocks'
Common Name: Red Rocks Penstemon, Red Rocks beardstongue
Mature Height (ft): 18"
Mature Width: 12-18"

Mature Shape

Mulch: Organic or inorganic.

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Flower Color: 

Flowering Season: 


Cold Hardiness: 

Heat Zone: 

Ideal Sun Conditions: 

Water Requirement: 

Soil Requirements: 


‘Red Rocks’ is another hybrid cultivar, named for the Denver, Colorado red sandstone area and amphitheater. P. 'Red Rocks' is highly suitable for the average garden, rather than a specialized penstemon bed. Again, do not deadhead unless reblooming has occurred and you desire a tidier appearance. Don’t over water or over amend the soil, but it will thrive companionably with other medium water-use plants.

Use in Garden

Near the front of a sunny bed or border for a midwestern or western cottage garden.


Snip spent flower stems at season's end.