Caladium bicolor

Latin Name: Caladium bicolor
Common Name: Caladiums, angels wings, elephant ears.
Mature Height (ft): Up to 18"
Mature Width: 6-18"

Mature Shape

Large leaf unfurls from a single herbaceous stem.
Mulch: Organic, preferably a composted mulch.

Plant Type: 

Flowering Season: 


Heat Zone: 

Ideal Sun Conditions: 

Water Requirement: 

Soil Requirements: 


Caladium bulbs are tropical plants grown for their summer foliage, however they do send up an arum type flower (a member of the Araceae family). Foliage comes in many different variegation patterns in red, pink and white. Plant bulbs after May 1st, only about 3 inch deep. Caladiums like it hot and moist. Complete shade works OK, or morning sun only. For larger leaves. keep the bed or pot well moist, especially during bulb germination. High water use plants can be used for small areas of the landscape or pots. Combine with other high water-use tropical plants or bulbs like alocasias, colocasias, caladiums and gingers.

Use in Garden

High water-use shade zones. Shady, moist areas where the foliage can add the color. Container gardening.


Replenish caladium beds yearly with a 2-3 inch layer of compost. After the first frost, dig up bulbs and store in a cool, dry place above freezing. Do not plant prior to May 1st, even June 1st is OK. They require a soil temperative above 50 degrees, preferably above 55 degrees. The warmer the soil, the more rapidly the first shoots will emerge.