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Welcome to High Plains Gardening, the free, non-commercial, gardening information website for the Texas High Plains region and surrounding area!

The purpose of this website is to promote a culture of gardening within the Texas High Plains Region by offering information on an easy and successful way to garden. My hope is that many more people will enjoy gardening, and gardening success, in the Texas Panhandle.

My Vision — Gateway to Southwest Gardens


I have several goals, or visions, for the Texas High Plains region. I envision:

  • The Texas High Plains region will be known as “Gateway to Southwest Gardens”;
  • Area nurseries will stock and sell a huge selection of low-water use plants suitable for our area; 
  • Area nurseries will promote and sell a wide range of organic gardening supplies; and
  • TV gardening programs that focus on and highlight area gardens, as well as being informational about southwest gardening, will be broadcast locally. 

Establishing and creating this website is just one of the activities I do to draw closer to my vision for our area. I believe all four of my goals are attainable. Read through the rest of the website and give it a try. HighPlainsGardening.com is filled with information that will help you create gardens that are:

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Recent Garden Notes

Xeriscape gardens sparkle with color when planted with America's star wildflower, the Penstemon. This genus of flowers native exclusively to the North America continent, from Anchorage to Guatemala, includes species suitable to any garden condition. But chiefly, with the majority of penstemons native to Western United States, it's most suitable to dry gardening. Penstemon is one genus that sings “right plant, right location” louder than most.

In celebration of National Wildflower Week, May 1-7, 2017, I'm featuring seven wildflowers whose native range is west of the Mississippi that make splendid garden-worthy plants. Discover these plants and add a little bit of the wild to your garden.

Annual plants comprise some of the jewels of the garden, used to add sparkle and interest when and where needed throughout the landscape and in containers. Annual plantings need not only be a garnish to the garden. Selecting plants used for seasonal plantings that remain attractive to both gardener and beneficial insects is becoming more and more popular today with the loss of native habitat and widespread use of pollen-less hybrid annuals. Consider the benefit of pollinator friendly annuals that contribute to a landscape more in harmony with nature.

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