Coreopsis tinctoria

Latin Name: Coreopsis tinctoria
Common Name: Plains coreopsis, Painted Daisy, Tickseed, Calliopsis
Mature Height (ft): 15-24"
Mature Width: 6-12"

Mature Shape

Mulch: Inorganic.

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Flower Color: 

Flowering Season: 


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Cold Hardiness: 

Heat Zone: 

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Water Requirement: 

Soil Requirements: 


Native to the plains, Coreopsis tinctoria, has naturalized throughout most of the U.S., especially in disturbed soil. Prefers moist sandy soil. An annual, it may last more than one year. Very showy flower with yellow outer rays, with a maroon blotch towards the center ray. Sow seeds in early spring. Heat tolerant, once a month watering is recommended for well drained soil.

Use in Garden

Native, cactus, and xeric gardens. Bee and butterfly gardens. Light and airy, one of those see-through plants that are indispensible in stacking visual interest.


Start seeds indoors about 6-8 weeks before planting in spring, or broadcast seeds outdoors.