Latin Name: Agastache
Common Name: Hyssop, Hummingbird Mint, Licorice Mint
Mature Height (ft): 20-30"
Mature Width: 18-24"

Mature Shape

Mulch: Organic or inorganic.

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Flower Color: 

Flowering Season: 


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Cold Hardiness: 

Heat Zone: 

Ideal Sun Conditions: 

Water Requirement: 

Soil Requirements: 


Agastaches are some of the Southwest's showiest natives and one of our native perennials where must breeding and hybridization is being done. Native to slightly higher elevations that 3600 ft., it requires either afternoon shade or medium water-use. It has not been reliable in coming back for me, but it has for others. Well drained soil is a must. Nonetheless, it is easy to be seduced by its masses of blooms and alluring fragrances. Hummingbirds certainly are entranced.

Species to try are Agastache cana, A. aurantiaca, A. neomexicana, and A. rupestris as well as numerous other named cultivars. Colors range from red/orange, orange, pink, rose, and blue. Fragrance differs from selection to selection; bubblegum, licorice and honesuckle are some scents.

Use in Garden

Suitable for low to medium water-use gardens, hummingbird gardens, native plant and high desert gardens.


Wait until early spring to trim back last year's stems and foliage.