Latin Name: Hippeastrum
Common Name: Amaryllis Hybrid cultivar
Mature Height (ft): 18-24"
Mature Width: 6-12"

Mature Shape

Bulb with leaves emerging after frost has past.
Mulch: Well mulched with organic matter, and mulched well over winter.

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Flowering Season: 


Heat Zone: 

Ideal Sun Conditions: 

Water Requirement: 

Soil Requirements: 


Typically a Zone 8 plant, the Christmas holiday bulb, Amaryllis, has been successfully wintered over in Amarillo, specifically, the Wolflin area in this case. If you have a warmer, protected micro-niche, try planting your seasonal Amaryllis outdoors, and leave it there well mulched over winter. I 've winter over Amaryllis in my backyard, but it hasn't reliably bloomed. It requires a full sun location and well amended soil to soak up nutrients to be stored in the bulb.

Or dig it up in September, let the bulb dry out after rinsing it clean, and then storing it in darkness for 6 weeks. Bring out, pot and water it in potting soil with the bulb a third exposed and place in indirect sunlight until shoots emerge. Water as needed, but not soggy. It should bloom again for you.

As a novelty, when it does bloom, dig and pot up the blooming bulb and show it off to friends and neighbors.

Oddly, Amaryllis is not in the genus, Amaryllis; which only contains one species, Amaryllis belladonna, or the Naked Lady. Both belong to the family Amaryllidaceae.


Use in Garden

Towards the front of a sunny border. Or dig up for indoor blooming.


Top dress soil with 1 inch compost spring and fall.