Latin Name: Iris
Common Name: Bearded Iris, Hybrid Cultivars
Mature Height (ft): 12-36"
Mature Width: 6-12"

Mature Shape

Spring, with a few fall blooming iris.
Mulch: Low to high. The typical bearded iris will do well in medium water-use beds.

Plant Type: 

Flower Color: 

Flowering Season: 


Cold Hardiness: 

Heat Zone: 

Ideal Sun Conditions: 

Water Requirement: 

Soil Requirements: 


Distinctive flat, thin upright leaves with flowers arising from the stem.

Use in Garden

Sun, sun/part shade for the mid border location. Iris affecionados grow entire beds of iris, sometimes for flower shows. Provides a good, strong upright foliage presence after blooming in a mixed border. A good, fragrant cut flower.


Organic or no mulch.